The official calendar for the Year of Faith

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The official calendar for the Year of Faith lists the events which have been submitted to the Organizational Secretary from around the world.

The episcopal conferences, dioceses, movements, and Catholic associations may submit the events that they have organized and promoted by clicking on the “suggest an event” tab.


The Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Peter, entitled I Trust in You, will begin on Thursday, July 4, and conclude on Sunday, July 7, 2013 with Holy Mass celebrated by the Holy Father in St. Peter’s Square. This gathering of young men and women from every continent—those who are answering the vocational call—will provide the opportunity to celebrate and to witness with joy to the great value of service in the Church for the New Evangelization. Through the many opportunities provided during this...

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As Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has exhorted, the Year of Faith, will be a good opportunity to usher the whole Church into a time of particular reflection and rediscovery of the faith and to review its efforts at nurturing the faith of the new generation. In this context, the Jesus Youth is initiating a series of regional conferences titled “Faith Conference” across India, with the central theme “Faith”. The aim of the conference is to enable the participants to know more and to re-discover...

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