2nd European Encounters

11/10/2013 - 13/10/2013 (Save to cal)

Brussels - Collège Saint-Michel, Rue Père Eudore Devroye, 2  (Belgium)

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European encounters of active young Christians implicated in professional, family and associative life wishing to articulate the faith of their heart.

Are we not free beings? Don’t we have, always, questions, strong interrogations and at times indignations? In the Gospel, we see the disciples ask questions to Jesus without rest.
Are we so different from the contemporaries of Jesus? Surely not! Even if our questions have evolved, we are still in search. Our faith is not an irrational choice that is personal to us, it can be irrigated, articulated and transmitted by our intelligence.

“Faith and reason are like two wings that allow the human mind to rise to the contemplation of truth”. (Encyclical “Faith and Reason” – JPII).

The Church gives us a tool (often misunderstood): the Second Vatican Council.
Social, economic, political and cultural realities have been addressed in the light of topicality but a central perspective emerges in the reading of texts: the Council is concerned with the human condition.
The world is, first the experience of man’s destiny today. The reflection of the Council always converges to the human person, and ever it plays it in concentric circles. The Council emphasizes the richness of the good news of Christ to the world to assist in the gathering of all wills to solve the challenges of our century. The Church calls to action, she took part in the human adventure so that this last results in its true meaning.

“The Vatican II Council is not behind us. We have to reclaim it, digest, complete it, read the basic texts and find an inspiration for today’s world” so does remind us Archbishop Leonard
This year is devoted to the faith. “European Encounters” offers to provide each of the participants with an understanding of the topicality of the Council. So that each participant will be able to grow in his faith and his love for the Church. Benedict XVI gives us true “operating instructions”: He calls for a “change of mentality”. He particularly stressed the role of the laity, real “co-responsible” of the being and the acting of the Church in view of the common good.

Let us articulate our faith, lighten our intelligence: we are the Church of today!

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