The Great events of the years of the faith

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October, 11   Vatican City. Opening Celebration of the Year of faith with the Synodal Fathers, the Presidents of the Bishops' Conferences and the Conciliar Fathers

October, 21   Vatican City. Canonization of Martyrs and Confessors of the faith


January, 25   Rome. Ecumenical Celebration. Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls

February, 2 - 3    Papal Basilica of St. Peter’s. World Day of Religious

February, 7   Rome. The Inauguration of the Year of Faith Art Exhibit: “On the Path of Peter”. Castel Sant’Angelo (from February 7 until May 1)

March, 24     Day for Youth in Preparation for World Youth Day. Palm Sunday. St. Peter’s Square

April, 27 - 28      Day for those Boys and Girls Confirmed during the Year of Faith. St. Peter’s Square

May, 3 - 5     Day of the Confraternities and of the Popular Piety. Rome-Vatican City

May, 18 - 19     Day for the Movements, the Associations, and the Lay Associations. Piazza San Pietro 

June, 2     A Worldwide Solemn Eucharistic Adoration. The Solemnity of Christ the King. Piazza San Pietro

June, 15 - 16    Day Celebrating the Evangelium Vitae.

June, 22    Concert of Classical Music for the Year of Faith. St. Peter Square

July, 4 - 7    Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Peter of Seminarians, Novices, and those on a Vocational Journey. Vatican city

July, 23-28     Rio de Janeiro. World Youth Day

September, 28 - 29    Day for Catechists. St. Peter's square

October, 12 - 13   Marian Day. St. Peter's square

October, 26 - 27    Day for the family. St. Peter's square

Novembre, 16    Concert of Classical Music. Aula Paolo VI

Novembre, 24  Concluding Celebration of the Year of Faith. St. Peter's Basilica